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‘… And here we are enjoying a fucking art show’… maar dan wel een fucking great art show van Ed Templeton. (meer…)


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In volgorde van originaliteit: Keith Haring, Die Antwoord en Rihana.

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De King of Pop is helaas niet meer… Hij wordt in één adem genoemd met ‘the Moonwalk‘. Dat MJ voor zijn BillyJean-move inspiratie vond bij de ‘back slide’ is minder bekend (zie 1:30). Desondanks blijft the Moonwalk voor altijd aan hem verbonden. R.I.P.

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Ira Glass, winnaar van de Peabody award for journalism spreekt over het jarenlange proces van gepassioneerde beginner tot artist.

Hieronder een korte samenvatting:




We get into it because have good taste. You make things because we love creative stuff. But there is a gap in the beginning. The things you’re making at the begining is not that good. We want it to be good. What your making is not that good, but you want it to be good. What you ‘re making is not great but it has the potential to be great, but because you have taste, you know it’s not that great. Don’t quit. It’s a phase of years.

It felt short, it didn’t have the special thing that we want it to have. And at that moment most people quit. Everybody goes to that phase. It’s normal. The only way to get over is: Do a lot of work. Put yourself on a creative deadline, e.g. make things every month. You have to do it. It’s the only by doing a lot of volume that you will catch up and close that gap. You have to do it. Then the work you’re making will be as good as your ambition.

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